Sheet Metal Manufacturing China

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Sheet Metal Manufacturing China

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Mesh sheet metal is often applied to the protective cover of multimedia sound box or protective cover of household appliances such as air cleaner. The process of Mesh sheet metal Manufacturing is that a simple mold is made of plastic, then mesh sheet metal is stretched progressively by this simple mold. The leftover material of Mesh sheet metal would be modified every time when it is stretched. The stretch will last until the required shaped be formed.
Mesh sheet Metal prototypeMesh sheet Metal manufacturing
Mesh sheet metal with all kinds of variform mesh can be found in the material market. When Mesh sheet metal manufacturing, the requirements including shape and size of mesh, distance between holes and holes, the thickness of mesh sheet metal should be described clearly. After Mesh sheet metal manufacturing, metallic paints with different colors can be sprayed on the surface to reach the surface effect you want.
The reasons to choose Leecheer Prototype Company
The Video of quantity evaluation given by England customers
About delivery time,our company choose FedEx intl. Priority service for all prototype to ensure that customers can receive their prototype with the quickest way.
Below time table of FedEx is the shipping time from China to different countries. Sheet Metal Manufacturing China

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